Can we just talk about how amazing Amy Acker is? Her speech about Audrey and Coulson was enough to make me cry and fall in love with both Audrey and the pairing. I really hope we will get to see her again in the future, maybe in season 2. She’s alive, so there’s hope. 

Fitz is so sweet. He’s becoming my favourite character on the show and I’ve finally started to ship Fitz/Simmons as a real potential couple, and not just as a great friendship. But I like Trip, he’s a nice guy.

I also really liked Skye in this ep. I think Chloe was great in the scene in which she finds out about Ward and I like the fact that she hasn’t lost her temper despite the shock. Ward is deeper and deeper every week, and I’m even more convinced that he’s soon going to die than I was after last ep. And I’m still sorry because I still like him and he is a very interesting character, but I find hard to believe that there could be space for him in a potential new arc in season 2. He has done too much to go back being with the team, so I guess I’ll die trying to redeem himself for Skye and the others (because he cares for the rest of the team as well, it is clear).

And then that one thing I didn’t think I could see on this show: May with her mom. Lol XD Very curious to see what will happen between her and Maria Hill. Can’t wait. 


I really hate when people just assume Aerith’s personality based on her appearance. Yes she was more innocent in Crisis Core, but years later in Final Fantasy VII, she is sassy, flirty, and outgoing. And that is the Aerith that I love the most.

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I don’t think Ward will make it through the end of the season. He seems so doomed right now. And I’m sorry, because I’ve used to like him, unlike many people, even if I don’t really know how to feel about him now that we know.

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How to explain an OTP

It’s like being in a relationship with a relationship

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